Negasi – a short lived teenager band

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If you don’t know who this guy is, you probably wouldn’t be interested in listening to this track.

Even though IF you actually do know who he is–it still doesn’t guarantee you’ll be interested, too. he.

In 2009, me and my friends make a band called Negasi. It was my first band. And it was super short-lived. We only played for like 4 times–2 times when it was still called Orstresstra, and 2 more times after we’ve changed the name into Negasi. We made like 4 songs; but only ended up recording one—which was even merely intended for us, not for public; it was intended to remember the song for the next practice. But we never made another recording before we finally dispersed to different place.

So…why this man? He is Ted Kaczynski—the primitivist that the media called ‘terrorist’. By then, we think that he’s  right…our modern life is shit, and we’ve been robbed from our instinct and became this pathetic human being.

The song that being recorded called ‘domesticated’.

I made this lyric…which is meant to be ‘simple and easy to undersand’; I don’t know if we gain that purpose.

May 31, 2009 at 7:42am

You’re gettin’ square..
can’t see your own cages
we’re domesticated
tame, dumb, and neurotic
what a pathetic…breed.

(I fuckin’ hate you!
yeah you wanna beat me??
beat me like animal!!)

When I said sleep, you said home
when I said play, you said pay
when I said make friends, you said business.
When I said feral, you said park
when I said art, you said gallery
..when I said spiritual, you said religion
When I said wild nature, you said it’s not for us.

Me and one of my best friend Ezy was on vocal. He was the one who added those expression words in brackets. Ezy also play the guitar, Samsu on bass, Acil play the guitar too, Babam was supposed to play drum–he do it digitally on this record because that was supposed to be briefing. Ends up he quit, and Dipo played the drum when we get to play in shows. Also, when we’re playing live…it ends up being different kind of tune, haha. Which was why we need two guitarists probably.

If you’re somehow interested in listening to it, here’s a free download link.

Also, wastedrockers once was being sweet and reviewed our band.

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